Mission statement

To create safe spaces for the Gozitan LGBTI community and to help them believe that they do matter

Our Principles

  • Human Rights Activism: The organisation works towards enhancing social change within society, especially in respect to sexual minorities.
  • Integrity: adhering to ethical and moral beliefs and operating with sincerity.
  • Freedom of Expression: The organisation believes that any member in society has the freedom to express their opinion.
  • Liberty: Even if every member have the right to express their opinion they have no right to impose it on others.
  • Benevolence: acting with kindness in all operations

Our Values

  • Determination: The organisation believes that through determination, any challenge or obstacle can be overcome.
  • Diversity: The organisation’s core value is that of diversity, LGBTI+ Gozo believes that diversity does not hinder society but rather makes it stronger
  • Empathy: LGBTI+ Gozo believes in understanding the feelings of others by putting oneself in an others shoes
  • Openness: LGBTI+ Gozo believes in being open to any experience or situation and in having an open mind, ready to learn and challenge ones own bias and belief.