#TSquared 6 – Gender Identity

Gender Identity One’s informal and psychological sense of oneself as male, female, both, in between, or neither. People who question their gender identity may feel unsure of their gender or believe they are not of the same gender as their physical body. Gender non-conforming, gender variant, or genderqueer are some terms sometimes used to describe …

#TSquared 5 – Intersex

Intersex Intersex people may have: external genitalia which do not closely resemble typical male or famale genitalia, or which have the appearance of both male and female genitalia; the genitalia of one sex and the seondary sex characteristics of another sex; or a chromosomal make-up that is neither XX or XY but may be a …

#TSquared 3 – Demisexual

Demisexual A sexual orientation. Here a person feels sexual attraction after an emotional bond has been developed. This is part of the asexual spectrum, and is not limited to any kind of sexual preferences (heterosexual, homosexual, pansexual, bisexual etc).

#TSquared 2 – Gender Binary

Gender Binary The view that there are only two totally distinct, opposite and static genders (masculine and feminine) to identify with and express While many societies view gender through this lens and consider this binary system to be universal.Individuals who do not identify with these binary labels fall under the non binary umbrella term.