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Being Non-Binary in a Binary World

The more time has passed by, the more I am having discussions about being non- binary. Here are the top 10 things people usually say:


1. But are you gay?
Let’s get one thing straight honey, for the millionth time sexual orientation and gender identity are not the same.



2. But how will I know ?
Well if you just ask the person’s pronouns, you wouldn’t have that problem now would you?



3. The pronouns are confusing.
So you are really telling me that because it just needs some getting used to from your part, I get to be misgendered all the time ?



4. Can’t you just choose?
This doesn’t even deserve a reply



5. Isn’t it easier to live in a binary world?
Ok then honey, next time you go to Costa Coffee you won’t be able to take your popcorn caramel latte because you only have the tea or coffee option.



6. You still have a “female” body though right?
You really wanna discuss what’s  between my legs?



7. So which bathroom do you use?
If there were gender neutral bathrooms only we wouldn’t be discussing this, but I just go to the closest one cause I am that lazy.



8. But I don’t want to share a bathroom with a man.
So what did your dad do at home?



9. Why do you need a flag?
Because I don’t have the heterosexual, cisgender rights like you do.



10. So are you a man or a woman?
Why did I even..




“Hey meet X, she’s a friend of mine”

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