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LGBTI+ Gozo Blogs! | #4 – Moving forward

LGBTI + Gozo is pleased to see that Malta is being a leading example when it comes to a progressive and moving state. Gay Therapy ban is indeed the next step and this compliments well with various international and national events going to be held in 2016 in both Malta and Gozo.

As LGBTI + Gozo is now closing its first annual year in operation, its website lgbtigozo.com is now open to the public. This will serve as a direct link between the NGO and the public. Such website was launched at the Christmas dinner between the organisation and its members held on Tuesday 29th December ; with Chairman Eman Borg stating “ Gozo is now moving forward, let’s be the change ,inspiration and movement “

Moreover LGBTI+ Gozo, calls for the need of a health clinic in Gozo. As at the time being talks regarding a new health investment in Gozo, the investment of a GU clinic in Gozo will not only help and offer assistance to those in need but also help prevent any STD ‘s by awareness campaign and other material that can be given in schools and frequently accessed places by our youths.

LGBTI+ gozo also aims to raise awareness on different aspects of sexuality through the Better Together Seminars so if you are interested stay tuned for the next one!

LGBTI + Gozo wishes a prosperous new year’s filled with joy and happiness.



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