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Human Rights are Common Rights


LGBTI+ Gozo says that they celebrate that Malta as a nation is going through a progressive surge. This should go together with education and knowledge to create an open community made up of
acceptance and tolerance. A narrow mind-set or a misinformed one is due to lack of knowledge; and
therefore challenging ideas and views are the way forward towards a facilitation of discussion of a
progressive society.

In a day and age where human rights are on the rise, our country and our people ought to be more
aware that once human rights are seen as fundamental rights and that whilst different cultures and
values distinctively define us all, we are to support each other flourish amidst our differences.
The introduction of the equal marriage bill will include all people with diverse gender identities and
sexual orientations to have the same right and be treated on the same level as the heterosexual or
cisgender counterpart ensuring that one sector of society does not have more privilege than
another. This is also done through inclusive language.

We live in an era where we do not have simply one identity but an array of various ones. We are not
only man and women, gay or straight, cisgender or transgender but also Maltese or Gozitan,
religious or atheist, from the north or from the south. Ensuring equality and giving people the rights
that they deserve is also acknowledging their identity. Because we also have people that are neither
a man or a woman, nor gay or straight; we have people that are from the central part and people
that are neither atheists nor religious but spiritual. We have an intersectionality of identities. This
therefore needs to be incorporated in our education reform, to present a more diverse and equal
community to our children. Let us be the example for our children that we can live in a society where
we can understand each other and have meaningful dialogue to protect and support the rights for
all. Let us show our children that we should not tolerate each other but respect one another.

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