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…Ejja, where’s your girlfriend?

Originally posted on Yours, Queerly: “LGBTI+ Gozo Blogs! | #3 – …Ejja, where’s your girlfriend?”

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by executive member, E-man

It’s E-man again! Who knew writing blogs could be this fun. Firstly, I’d just like to thank the ‘Yours, Queerly’ team for the opportunity.

A little nostalgia never did anybody any harm. So, here it goes.

I came out at seventeen. Being a teenager, a lot of family and friends started asking when I was going to bring my girlfriend home (and I still get this quite often). My answer usually went something like “I’m focusing on my studies; still searching for the right one” and all that.

The pressure made on youths to act according to what society wants is ever increasing. I felt the pressure as well; a pressure which society adds on a day to day basis, on grounds that if you don’t do what they seek of you, you’ve failed.

Now a days the question is changing – Min int, Gay?

Society has boxes it puts you in – it’s this or that, A or B. Stereotypes are the way we live and how we get by. Sometime we accept the box we’re put in to please society, live a quiet life.

The reality is, it’s different.

LGBTI+ Gozo‘s slogan is simple but very meaningful: Diversity: Embrace it – Share it – Celebrate it.

Don’t be afraid of who you are. No one should live in fear of who they are or what they say. Remember, we are all unique. Go out there, be proud of who you are. Live and let live.

Join the Diversity!

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