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LGBTI+ Gozo Blogs! | #2 – Androgynously Beautiful

Many times, when I end up in conversations where sexuality and gender identity are being discussed, I don’t even have to count to three until I hear the ‘So, what are you?’ question.

I immediately respond ‘An alien from planet Mars’.

Thing is, when you talk about being gender queer, or gender fluid or androgyny, people still can’t get a hold of the idea; they somehow can’t get the whole picture. And why should I blame them? We have been told since we were kids that we form part of groups. You’re white, you’re a woman, you’re Gozitan, you’re teenager, you’re a University student, you’re a friend, a sibling, a daughter, and the list goes on and on…

And what about those who don’t feel like they fit in any label? What about those who wake up every morning asking ‘Who am I?’, because society has convinced them that they have to belong.

Many people ask me what the aim of this organisation is. Truth be told, we are still finding our footing, we are planning for big things; we are planning for small things too, because change is good, whether it’s big or small. But the reason I formed this organisation is because I envision a society where you don’t have to belong, but one can feel comfortable standing out

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